Phileas Fogg E-Juice Range now in stock!

Artisan products, hand crafted in small batches by a time served Chef and avid vaper, passionate about the product. Your Ingredients are certified Diketone free, Pharma grade Nic, and above all taste great for a sensible price. All our products are offered as TPD compliant available @

PHILEAS FOGG Juice Range is now available to order and available in 3mg and 6mg. By far one of our favourite UK Juice Ranges and a must try! Baykwell – Classic Almond sponge in a short crust pastry case, stuffed with Black & Morello cherries Botany Bay – Natural Juicy watermelon, with complimentary undertones to really make […]

Ecig Update For Parliment

Ecig Update For Parliament Posted 22nd August 2016 by Mawsley The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) produces independent, balanced and accessible briefings on public policy issues related to science and technology. POSTnote 533 updates POSTnote 455 (January 2014), summarising the latest data on scale of use, safety and quality of electronic cigarettes, and […]

If Vaping Causes Smoking, Why Are Cigarettes Less Popular Than Ever With Teenagers?

Article By Jacob Sullum, Published by JUN 16, 2016 @ 07:19 AM Public statements from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takean alarmist view of e-cigarettes, portraying them as a menace to the youth of America, who supposedly will start smoking again in droves once they try vaping and get hooked on nicotine. […]

Smoking vs Vaping

Vaping vs Smoking – Reasons to quit traditional cigarettes Vaping vs Smoking – 10 good reasons why I decided to quit smoking and start vaping and this is why you should consider as well!   The chemicals in those things! There are over 500 additives in traditional cigarettes and this creates over 4000 chemical compounds […]

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