1300mAh FatBoy eGO Battery


1300mAh Fatboy eGo Battery.

We have revamped and improved our eGo batteries.  Now the power button has a 3 colour changing light allowing you to see its level of charge, when fully charged the power button will illuminate green, when the charge level drops below 3.9v the button will illuminate blue and when it drops below 3.6v it will illuminate red.

There is the usual 5 click on and 5 click off function plus a 10 second cut off, this will turn the battery off in case it has been accidentaly pressed for a long time.

Our batteries come pre-charged, we recommend running the battery down first before its first charge.

Mobile phone chargers or similar USB chargers in your home may not have the correct ratings to safely charge your e-cig battery.
We recommend using computers and similar devices or a USB plug with a correct output of 0.5A only. 

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